The Struggle is real...


There is so much to do and less than 2 weeks to do it in!

More bubbles, more candles, Labeling to finish. 

I booked next week off work so I can officially have a meltdown in private hahaha. 

There is so much to do! Ive never been involved in a 2 day show at the shaw- my company is still a baby so to speak. 

I ordered more business cards and a new sign- mine was stolen along with a couple of my custom painted crates from my moms condo... lame asses. :(

I hope whoever stole my naked hippie banner is really enjoying it - but at least it gave me the opporotunity to recreate a better one!

Tonight I made another batch of bubble cookies- I intend to do so again thursday (maybe even 2 hahah) I must restock the store and have some for Etsy sale!

If anyone feels like coming to assist..i pay in soap :)

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