Etsy pop up show is 2 weeks away!!!

EEP! I just looked at my calender and the etsy show is 2 weeks away. Holy crap. 

Now- dont get me wrong , I KNOW what dates the sale is on...but where did the time go??? 

I have so much to do!

Fizz and wrapping, candles and labels. Tomorrow I will be doing some Soy candles. Jars and tea lights. maybe some melts too. 

IF i have time, i will also be doing some wrapping- Energy soap is ready to be wrapped, as is Smokey Joe Reboot... next week i will wrap sweet tea, bamboo and hemp, and cracklin birch... maybe call it campfire....thoughts?

right before the show I will be wrapping the kumquat and Black tie.

Next week more bombs, lotions, and maybe a new bubble cookie? The store was running out so i think ill get a couple morebatches of those this week as well. 

Can I do it... .lol

I work all this week and took the following week off. I also just realized tonignt i need to reorder business cards. OMG

wish me luck

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