My puppy is being an ass right now....

I opened up this blog post with no clue what I will write... This happens often- so sorry hahahaha.

I have 3 dogs. Yup 3. 

The newest is 9 months old and he , although a big lug.. is a 50 lb jumping, boxing maniac. 

He was neutered 3 days ago. only 3 days...and you would never know- he is still acting like the same- crazy idiot puppy (but we love him)

You see my hubby lost his sweet girl in 2013. She was literally one of the best dogs we ever had. She was a boxer- and cancer got her. And everyone in the house... dogs included- took it really hard.

Hubby always said no more dogs. NO MORE. 

Then one day months ago, he sent me a baby pic of our newest. he contemplated if he should or not... and in the end I was sure we were getting another dog.

Hes been pretty good so far. Sit, shake, lay down and ringing his bells to go outside are all good- we have trouble with Stay and im REALLY trying to get him to stay down and stop jumping. omg. How do you do this??? Im seriously open to suggestions!!!

He and i are likely going to start training in a couple months- maybe some agility if he shows interest.He is also going to start puppy daycare one day a week. I think being able to go play and burn off steam will be so good for him... 

anyway- night 

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