oops I watched it again...

As  a plant based person- Today .... I saw it agin. An animal Activism post at the slaughterhouse- protesters were giving pigs waiting water while they were still in the backs of the trucks.

Did you know when they transport animals for slaughter- they dont care what the weather is like, they can freeze- they dont care. And in the warm climates, or the summer months- they are transported on their journeys to death with NO FOOD OR WATER!

These animals, if you watch the videos- are desperately thirsty- and want to live... it kills me. I see my pups in their eyess, and i cant grasp the fact if these were dogs this would be illegal here.



I encourage Anyone who thinks these animals exist for food to watch one of these. to see the life and the desperation in their eyes- 

guys, I cant even. Holy shit. I really  try to avoid these videos, not because im tempted to go back to my carniverous ways.... but because the DEEPLY affect me. 

In these pigs, cows, goats and chickens- I see personalities, I see pain, I see their will to live. Currently I have 3 dogs. Heavens i wish i coud have more. 

And in these animals- I see eyes , and souls and hearts- A will to live.

This kills me. I wish there was someone who understood....

My husband asked me the other day - whan I was telling him I wanted to remain on vacation forever and just make soap hahahaha- He said to me... 5 years... 

So- we will see. My heart needs a sanctuary. 

If that means I have one witha soapy shack gift shop- then thats awesome...or if that means i find one- and Volunteer and donate- I havent decided yet... But this is what i need.

and for those of you out there saying... "but i could never" 

I was there once too. I was there once too. 

Let me tell you what happend when i went plant based ( yes, initially i was selfish and did it for my health)

Well- I lost 120 lbs. yup 120. I went from being obese to , hey i could lose 15 lbs.... 

I also went from the person who had migranes weekly and ended up in emergency for demeroil (sp?) or morphine for pain... I suddenly didnt have to go anymore!

Not once have i been to emergency due to an out of control migrane- not since cutting meat, dairy and eggs. yup, thats right. 

I encourage anyone saying "yeah right" ... try. 30 day challenge. 

Let me know in 30 days if your results!

I started for health reasons, and as my journey continued- it grew into so much more.

30 days.

see how youfeel, see how your skin, hair , nails are. See how much weight you drop, see how MUCH BETTER YOU FEEL. 

I challenge you- 

Just make sure you eat enough lol .. super important.

give it a go!

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