Why is handmade soap so much more money???

I'm posting this blog- Ive had people ask me why I charge 6-10 for a bar of soap. 

I found a great response to this on you tube and I shared it on my personal Facebook page- 

The answer is simple. 

When you buy soap at a store that is not handcrafted- it is not real soap. 

Thats it. 

Whether it be a bar of soap or that bodywash that you swear by- Its not soap. 

These products are generally made with low quality product, fillers and detergent. 

The natural Glycerin in a commercial bar if soap is stripped from the bar and used in other products, like lotion. 

Handmade soap- especialy from a small local maker- does not strip the natural glycerin from the bar- and so your skin gets those benefits. 

Small local makers generally do not have the ability to purchase, lets say 

200 kg of coconut oil. 

This wold allow a cheaper cost per oz of the oil- but the majority of small businesses generally do much less bulk buying. This is, at least in my case- Due to the expense. 

Oils and butters are expensive.  End of story. Try to source the cost of 10 kg of unrefined shea butter- its pricey. 

Soap making is not cheap. You are also putting in fragrances or essential oils, any clays or additives.

Plus you are paying for the soapmakers unique craft, skill and education in what they do. Not unlike paying an artist for a piece of art :) 

Makers are also not producing huge batches. Generally a batch of soap for me based on my molds is 14 bars. 28 if I double the batch. 

At the end of the day- The difference between the commercial bar/ wash and the handmade bar is huge. 

I will always choose the handmade bar. Every time. 

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