Don't believe them they are lyers....

If you make soap or have any knowledge on Soapmaking- you'll get the pun in the title. 

I thought I was being a smart ass. 

Recently I went to a market where I had a table and was, along with my mom who helps (she calls herself the CEO) , I was wandering- checking out the wares.  I LOVE to support local artists and artisans. This is how I do ALOT of my gift shopping. 

I came across another table with beautiful Soy candles in large jars an soap. 

I inquired if the soap was vegan friendly (I wont use anything with animal product in it) , and she stated it was in fact- she also proudly announced it WAS LYE FREE. then told me how caustic lye is, and how IT SHOULD NEVER BE IN SOAP.... um. serious- what crack was she smoking? Im not too sure hahaha. 

I looked at her and must have jad the most confused look on my face... I said MELT AND POUR? she stated YES - LYE FREE!!!!

Well im thinking WTF. 

I dont want to argue with her- she just simply didnt know what she was selling. 

ALL SOAP HAS LYE- SODIUM HYDROXIDE- if it did not have this- I would in fact be selling you coconut oil, or olive oil- it would not be soap.

Melt and pour you do not have to handle the Lye- but rest assure- its in there- someone else just did it for you. 

This is totally fine and perfectley acceptable- I started with Melt and pour soaps myself for a long time- I WAS SCARED OF LYE.

I just wasnt getting the results that I wanted with a pre made base - so I decided -screw it- IM making soap. 

I was terrified and didnt sleep the entire night before- I kept replaying it in my head, what if i screwed up? what would happen then? what if i burnt myself? All these thoughts were running through my head all night. And the excitement. I cant even tell you. 

The next morning I got up, I decided to do a small 30 oz loaf of lemon soap with coconut milk. I did it Hot process- meaning it is cooked in a slow cooker to speed up the soaponification process. 

I was ADDICTED. Once I realized I could handle lye with caution and I didnt do it backwards, and I didnt hurt myself or blow anything up... Addicted.

I made the hell outta that lemon soap. And when It was done I started at it in awe. For an abnormally creepy amount of time. Like a really long time. 

Last year I decided to sell my stuff- hence I ended up at the market with the "no lye " soaper. 

Back to this. I explained to her that melt and pour, or the pre made base- was already soap- it had already gone through the process of soaponification, and just because SHE personally did not handle lye, does NOT mean it wasnt used in the process- it was . it HAS to be used. 

Well. you think I would have told her she had an ugly baby. DEATH STARE. 

I wasnt rude or on my "high horse" i love talking to other soapers- we all share the same passion. She just would not hear me out.

People- public included - are usually questioning when they see SODiUM HYDROXIDE on my labels. 

Heres the deal folks- if you are a Good soapmaker - and you formulate your soaps correctly, and take precaution with the lye- and have the correct amount of "superfat" , once it goes through the process of turning to soap (oils and butters mixed with lye water) if this process is done properly- there will be no lye left in the final product. None- totally harmless- but now you have soap. 

no lyes ;) 

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